Alexander Family Adoption Counseling Center

Joan & Stanford Alexander Family Adoption Counseling Center

Gladney understands that effective therapeutic counseling techniques are based on serving our clients holistically – caring for them in mind, body and spirit. It is crucial that our clients feel at home and relaxed as soon as they enter the building.  We know that many times when birth parents, children, adoptive parents and adoptees enter Gladney they may be in a state of crisis. It is our hope and mission to meet each client where they are emotionally with empathy and compassion. 

Through the generous gift by the Joan & Stanford Alexander Family, Gladney was able to remodel and provide an environment in keeping with our counseling philosophies, approach and mission.  The Counseling Center provides an environment that is both engaging and healing. 

The Gift of Privacy
Today, the post adoption department is located in the newly renovated Post Adoption Suite that privately houses the staff and stores the post adoption files conveniently and securely. This new area provides the post adoption department the privacy they need to deliver the care our clients deserve and expect.

The Gift of Comfort
In the Adoption Counseling Rooms, each piece of furniture and décor has been carefully and thoughtfully chosen with counseling in mind.  These rooms provide comfort, style, warmth, and a beautiful place to create memories long after life-changing decisions have been made. 

The Gift of Communication and Education
As adoption continues to evolve, technology is proving to be a vital part of connecting our clients.  The Media Room is now our communication hub for connecting our clients and our counselors via the internet. One-on-one conversations can be even more personal because of the resources in this warm, home-like setting. This room also has the wonderful capacity to provide digital education to our clients through multi-media opportunities. 

The Gift of Care Dedication
A dedicated counselor is available to offer pre- and post-adoption counseling to birth parents for life.  This counselor is able to engage with birth parents and meet each client where they are emotionally with compassion and empathy.

The Gift of Hospitality
The Hospitality Suite is a fully functional kitchenette  that allows us to offer clients a multitude of refreshments. This hospitality makes such a difference to an anxious client or someone in need of a kind gesture.

The Gift of Serenity and Reflection
The Reflection Suite has become one of the most popular destinations at Gladney and has provided a much needed private space for our clients to reflect on their options and make important next step decisions.

The Gift of Preservation
During 2012, Gladney will begin the process of converting our pre-1960 adoption records from micro-film to electronic records.  This conversion allows us to preserve our records as well as meet our client’s needs in an efficient manner.



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