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The pages within this Gladney Center Services section present information about the wide range of services Gladney provides for adoptive parents, adopted children and birth parents:

Adoption Services Overview
Summary descriptions of Gladney's International, Domestic and Post Adoption Services.

For Pregnant Women
An overview of the services and choices Gladney has available for pregnant women.

Post Adoption Services
Lifelong services are available to birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted persons through Gladney's Post Adoption Department.

Texas Voluntary Registry
Gladney provides a Registry in accordance with Texas law, and helps facilitate a "match" through our Registry, which would allow contact between the adult adoptee, age 18 or older, and birth parent(s) or siblings, age 18 or older.

Adoption Records Request
Gladney is happy to provide you with information in your Gladney adoption file if you were adopted from Gladney.

Post Adoption for International Families
Post Adoption for International Families brings together parent education and training, Home Study services, counseling and support resources to enhance the lives of all members of the Gladney family.

New Beginnings-State Adoption Training
New Beginnings Training is an intense three day program that prepares parents who are adopting children from the state foster care system.

Pathways Training
Gladney Pathways is a preparation program designed to prepare, educate and support you as you begin your journey into older child adoption.

Education & Outreach
Gladney offers exciting opportunities in adoption education.

The Gladney Family Associations (GFA)
Gladney's 18 regional GFAs provide parent to parent support for all Gladney families.

Humanitarian Aid
We believe humanitarian projects illustrate the philosophies, care and concern of an organization, its adoptive families, and staff.

Gladney Adoptee Services Trips
Gladney takes great pride in offering this incredible annual experience to share goodwill with others. The Gladney teen service trip is offered to Gladney Adoptees, ages 14 and older.


Gladney Center for Adoption
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Headquarters: 817-922-6000   Pregnant?: 1-800-GLADNEY
International Adoptions: 1-800-INT-ADOP
Domestic Adoptions: 1-800-687-3097
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