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On this page you will find resources of interest to adult adoptees:

Adoption Resources Adoption Reunion Being Adopted

Adoption Resources

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Adoption Reunion

  • Books Reviewed/Recommended by Gladney Staff & Clients
    Title & Author: Ithaka, Sarah Saffian
    Synopsis: This book is about a girl, Sarah Saffian, who after 23 years receives a phone call from her birth mother. Sarah takes you through the upside-down world of emotions while she tries to figure out family, identity and self. Sarah takes you through her painful journey of confusion, anger, acceptance and finally reunion. It takes her three years of soul searching to finally come to the acceptance and reunion part of her journey.

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Being Adopted

  • Article
    Title & Author: A View of Gladney from an Adult Adoptee , Chloe
    Synopsis: Read about an adult adoptee's visit to Gladney.

    Books Reviewed/Recommended by Gladney Staff & Clients
    Title & Author: Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self, David Brodzinsky, Marshall Schechter, and Robin Marantz Henig
    Synopsis: This book illustrates common developmental pathways of adoptees as they occur throughout the life span. It probes the complex issues that are involved in this ongoing life process. Five themes run throughout this book: the experience of adoptees; developmental perspectives; normality; search for self; and sense of loss.

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