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Questions and Answers

Q: How many adoptions in the U.S. do you do per year?

A:In 2015, Gladney placed 131 children in forever homes through our domestic programs.

Q: Do you do closed adoptions?

A: A very small percentage of our birth moms want a closed adoption. For that reason, we rarely accept applications from families who are only open to a closed adoption.

Q: How do we prepare our profile? Do we need a hard copy profile or a web profile or both?

A: Gladney staff will give you guidelines for preparing your profile. We'll help you present yourself in the best possible manner to a potential birth mother.

Q: If we are matched to a birth mom and she decides to parent instead of place the baby with us, do we lose our adoption fees?

A: You are protected financially and will not lose your adoption fees. You'll continue to be considered for another match as situations arise.

Q: Can single people adopt a baby through a domestic program?

A: In Gladney's domestic programs we seek out adoptive parents who meet the attributes most sought after by women placing their children for adoption. The overwhelming majority of these birth mothers are planning adoption in order to provide their child with a mother and a father. With this in mind, we are not accepting single adoptive parents into our domestic programs at this time.

Q: We do not live in the United States. Are we able to work with Gladney?

A: Gladney works only with families living in the United States with one or more parent a U.S. citizen.

Q: What is the cost to adopt?

A: Please request a packet that details all of our fees by program. You can do this by clicking on "Get Started Today".

Q: I've seen it mentioned that families must be cancer free for 5 years. However, I had a tiny skin cancer bump removed a year ago, and no further treatment was necessary. Does that count, or is it only major cancers?

A: Health issues of an adoptive applicant are assessed on a case-by-case basis as to how it may impact our ability to work with the applicant and how health history may impact the adoption process itself.

Q: Can you use a credit card for payment toward your adoption?

A: Yes. Gladney accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

Q: Do your fees include any possible birth parent expenses, or should we budget for the additional costs? What other costs do we need to be concerned about?

A: Program fees for Gladney's domestic infant adoption programs cover all services and potential birth parent expenses with the exception of home study services to the adopting family. In addition prospective adoptive parents should be prepared to pay for their own travel expenses and adoption finalization services provided by their own attorney.

Q: Will Gladney work with couples from any state?

A: Gladney is able to work with families from any state. Our agency is licensed to complete home studies for families in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas. If a family does not reside in one of the states in which we are licensed, they will need to obtain their home study through an agency licensed in their home state. Gladney does accept home studies completed by other agencies. It is preferred that you contact Gladney prior to having another agency complete your study so we can ensure that all required elements are included to satisfy Gladney's licensing requirements in addition to those in your home state. Doing so will prevent any unnecessary delays in your adoption process.

Q: We are from Puerto Rico. Are there restrictions or other requisites to apply for domestic adoption?

A: Gladney can work with Puerto Rico families in our Domestic adoption programs.

Q: I recently had a cancerous tumor removed. The cancer is now gone. Does this prohibit our chances at domestic adoption?

A: Families with a history of cancer must be cancer free for 5 years before they can be accepted into the domestic adoption programs.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt?

A: Please click on "Get Started Today" to get the latest fees for each program.

Q: We live in Colorado. Would we able to work with Gladney?

A: Yes. Gladney is able to work with prospective adoptive parents and birth parents throughout the United States.

Q: How long do you have to be married to be considered by Gladney

A: Gladney considers initial application from couples who have been married a minimum of two years. The licensing requirements of individual states may require a couple be married for a longer period of time before a home study is approved. Prospective adoptive parents must meet the minimum requirements of both their home state and Gladney.

Q: What are the health requirements to adopt domestically?

A: Basic health requirements for domestic adoption include physical and mental health histories and physician’s statements verifying the health status of adoptive applicants as well as all members of the household. An applicant’s health status is evaluated in relation to his or her ability to parent a child.

Q: Is there an age limit on the couple adopting a baby?

A: No. We evaluate each adoptive couple on an independent basis.

Q: What happens in the home inspection? Do we need to attend classes?

A: Prospective foster and adoptive parents undergo a home study to determine their appropriateness for a child placement. Included in this process is a home inspection. Requirements differ for foster vs. adoptive homes, so it is best to contact the worker who will be conducting your study prior to the home visit to inquire about applicable requirements.

Pre-placement education and training is required for all prospective adoptive and foster care applicants. These requirements differ depending on the program you are adopting or fostering through and are geared toward helping the prospective parent prepare to meet the specific needs of the child or children for which they will care.

Q: I like that you have regional offices in different states in the US. Does this mean that you could potentially match a birth mother in one state with adoptive parents in another state?

A: Since Gladney works with families and birth mothers from all states, a large number of the adoptions we complete are interstate adoptions. In addition to residential birth other services offered at our main office in Fort Worth, Texas, Gladney provides home based services to birth mothers who live near or remotely from any of our regional offices.

Q: Can an adoption be reversed and children returned to the natural mother?

A: In agency adoptions in the state of Texas a birth parent signs an irrevocable waiver or relinquishment of parental rights. This means that a birth parent’s signature on the relinquishment indicates a final and irrevocable decision in favor of adoption. The only grounds for a birth parent’s challenging his/her irrevocable waiver/relinquishment are fraud, coercion or duress in the execution of the document. Once the court also finds that adoption is in the best interest of the child, a final judgment is entered, terminating all rights between the child and the birth parents.

Q: Do you have siblings who need a home?

A: Each year Gladney places numerous sibling groups through our New Beginnings Program. Sibling groups of all ages and races currently in foster care await the love and security a family like yours can provide.

Q: What are the fees for service?

A: Please click on "Get Started Today" to receive program fees for all of Gladney's programs.

Q: Do you allow for gender preference in your domestic adoption programs?

A: Gender selection is allowed in our New Beginnings program for families adopting a child from foster care. Due to the nature of the matching process, gender selection is not possible in any of our domestic infant adoption programs.

Q: We have four biological children. Would Gladney still work with us to adopt a child?

A: Families who have more than one biological child are encouraged to adopt through our New Beginnings or International programs. We accept families with biological children into our Domestic Infant on a limited basis.

Q: How long do we have to be married before we can adopt through Gladney?

A: Gladney accepts couples into the agency's domestic programs who demonstrate marital stability. Length of marriage is just one indicator factored into an overall assessment of the stability of the marital relationship. The minimum length of marriage required in order to apply is two years.

Q: How do I get started on the adoption journey?

A: Click on the "Get Started Today" link and begin your journey today!


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